The CSIAero - LLP Tracker replaces the need for the use of spreadsheets and manual efforts required to create and manage LLP reports in real-time. It captures LLP data from either your existing information or manual systems. It performs the tedious calculations and provides LLP reports for an individual or an entire fleet of engines, landing gear, APU’s or components.

CSIAero - LLP Tracker eliminates the problem of:

Manually Creating, Managing and Publishing LLP Reports for fleets of Engines, Landing Gear, APU’s and any component that is time/cycle sensitive

Key benefits:

  • Create & Print LLP Reports in PDF Forms Instantly in your format with your company header.
  • Print LLP Reports for Individual or Fleet of Engines, Landing Gear, APU’s, Components and Airframes that are time/cycle sensitive.
  • Manage Multi-Category and changing Thrust Ratings for different Types & Models and automatically adjust LLP Report.
  • Capture LLP fleet data from your existing information systems or manually update LLP information.
  • Automatically update all LLP times / cycles down to the part level.
  • Performs the tedious LLP calculations adjustment for operational and environmental conditions.
  • Publish LLP reports by individual serial number or fleet.
  • Display fleet LLP utilization data with the cycles/times remaining which influence the maintenance planning and scheduling activities.
  • Store all of your historical and new LLP data to produce printer friendly reports (.pdf) and CSV export files.
  • Consolidate LLP Information in one secure location.
  • Eliminate unstructured Data in Excel Spreadsheets on someone’s computer.
  • Manage LLP Content/History for Forecasting (Maintenance & Finance)
  • Provide Secure & unfettered access to the LLP information securely from anywhere on the globe in real-time to your internal and external users.
  • Limit Users to certain Engines, Landing Gear, etc by Serial Number, Type or Model.

    CF6-50 / CF6-80 / CFM56-3 / CFM56-5 / CFM56-7 / JT8D / PW2000 / V2500





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