"MROP is practical, easy-to-use, and is an invaluable asset to any company seeking an industry competitive advantage".





The CSIAero – MRO Production (MROP) is the MRO’s real-time maintenance event operations management system that is interactive, pro-active that provides total control and Key Performance Indicator (KPI) measurement of the operation. Based on a common collaboration platform, it enables effective information sharing & communication internally based on common process gates, with customers and vendors in real-time. The end result is significantly reduced turn-around-time (TAT), clear work planning, reduced operational costs making the MRO significantly more competitive with a higher level of service to its customers.

MROP acts as a visual instruction manual for the maintenance event process, guiding users through procedures, providing alerts to prioritized actions and measuring real-time activities performance. MROP eliminates spreadsheets and manual processes that make inefficient use of resources and create delays. With MROP people no longer rely on these unreliable methods but now have a consistent platform to manage their business in a timely manner.

The graphical interface allows users from executives, production, engineers, procurement, finance, inspectors, quality, certification thought to shop floor mechanics to each prioritize what they need to understand at a moments notice to be effective at their job. Agile's MROP brings clear visibility into all operational aspects of the maintenance process and provides an active repository for regulatory documentation like SB’s and AD’s and capability to create and manage Minimum Baseline Configurations. Users can use the real-time dashboard as well as create reports important to them.

MROP’s Materials & Logistics Management capability allows management of the Bills of Material or use another application’s database. Users also manage outside vendors with the ability to visually see the progress of parts in repair and receive alerts to exceptions like scrap, late delivery and other. MROP also manages part swaps, robs and loans that occur within an MRO to reduce confusion.

MROP configures to any Engine, APU, Airframe or other Component using industry standard ATA Structure or use any  MRO’s structure based on how they invoice. 

MROP combines subject matter expertise of industry experts and Microsoft highly secure SaaS technology to provide a 'natural user interface and logic' deployable system that is both effective and user-friendly. Users on all levels will know precisely what actions need to be taken to reduce TAT and deliver a quality product. MROP configures easily to reflect a user's specific requirement and will interface with existing IT systems, procedures and processes

CSIAero is an On-Demand Service* application that is accessed and simply subscribed to through a web browser without the need for any special hardware or software. *(SaaS – Software as a Service)

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