The CSIAero – Communicator is a collaboration tool providing Operators, MRO’s, MRO’s Vendors, and Operators a real-time view into all maintenance events and the ability to manage the complexity of maintenance events. The results are shorter turn-around-time and fewer invoicing disputes.

It solves one of the biggest challenges:

Getting the delivery of the aircraft, engine or component back into service on time and on budget.

CSIAero - Communicator provides transparency into every stage of the maintenance event. It does this by capturing all event communications and documentation in a common overview.

As the event unfolds, people can make proactive decisions based on a solid understanding of the event dynamics. It also provides a clear audit trail to reduce cost overruns, invoice disputes and delays.

Industry Perception & Communicator

CSIAero - Communicator was developed to address significant portions of the complexity in maintenance event management across a global supply chain. From the Oliver Wyman / Aviation Week & Space Technology MRO Study the complexities that impact the Airline Operator and MRO maintenance events were identified as:

    • Currency variability – 41%
    • Effective operational oversight – 32%
    • Cultural differences – 27%
    • Regulatory requirements – 23%
    • Customs – 23%
    • Technical requirements – 18%
    • Language Barriers – 14%
    • Time Zones – 14%  

The CSIAero - Communicator takes direct aim at solving these complexities. It directly provides oversight and control of the fragmentation that occurs with passive global communication including time zone, cultural or other impacting factors. You can easily recall event history, analyze reliability, effectiveness and mitigate cost escalations.

 It does this in real-time by:

  • Providing an overview of event work instructions & communications of engine, component or airframe maintenance
  • Creating, monitoring and responding to event changes/approvals (Scrap/ BER/ repair/ replace) in real-time to reduce work stoppages
  • Eliminating passive (phone, fax, email, mail, spreadsheets) communications and focus on making real-time decisions
  • Providing a permanent history repository for all event activities & capture active communications (pictures, documents, videos, notes, etc) to aid in the decision process
  • Managing event alerts and responses On-Demand or with your PDA
  • Providing visibility into event inspections, estimates & cost control
  • Tracking event budgets "in process", avoiding surprises at the end
  • Providing 24/7 accessibility to all events & history, regardless of time-zones
  • Shortening shop visit time (TAT) and reduce spares required
  • Communicating reliability information on a real-time basis and provide a platform for the analysis of your assets

MRO’s can also:

  • Define customized build structures for engines and aircraft maintenance
  • Monitor all approvals due from the customer to ensure turn-times are met
  • Compress shop visits, yielding additional capacity for more work
  • Manage communication and track customer responses to the sub-component level
  • Provide customers up-to-date feedback on progress of maintenance events.

CSIAero is an On-Demand Service* application that is accessed and simply subscribed to through a web browser without the need for any special hardware or software. *(SaaS – Software as a Service)





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