CSIAero - Field Ops is your Real-time Operations Dashboard of your Rotary and Fixed Wing Aircraft operation from the Base into the Executive Office.

It provides a real-time communication platform and understanding of your operations, operational metrics and trends allowing you to make real-time analysis and decisions. It helps you focus on your KPI¹s in maximizing revenue and reducing costs.

Your Dashboard Œlights-up¹ and alerts you in real-time if the business operations fall outside of your set performance parameters. You will know in real-time Placement, Availability, Schedule and if your Customers Contractual and Operational Requirements are being met.

It eliminates the time delays, chaotic communication found with multiple phone calls, spreadsheets, emails, files, etc which cause confusions, delayed decisions, limited access to the transaction and historical data.

It will assist you in answering questions like: what is the daily contractual profitability and impact; how did a decision impact the business; do I have a balance of assets utilization and placement; and more. It assists in providing clarity of decision ownership and impact.



The Executive Dashboard ‘lights-up’ and alerts you to problems globally. You can drill down to the regional, base or aircraft level to understand in real-time; Availability, Placement, Revenue / Non-revenue Flights, Late Departures, Sortie Types, Scheduled / Unscheduled Maintenance and other Metrics tracked to your company standards.

You will have full real-time visibility and control.


On each Dashboard level CSIAero - Field Ops provides a Fleet Status of the entire fleet, regional fleet or just the bases. Operational Metrics including Base-region-country Placement; Aircraft Description, Operational Availability impacted by maintenance types, weather, manpower and other factors.

In a single view you know the fleet status in real-time.


The CSIAero - Field Ops Operating Base Dashboard also provides the ‘lights’ and alerts to problems but also allows you to schedule / manage sorties, maintenance, availability and other aspects in real-time. As changes occur you can immediately adjust to maximize your operations profitability.

You can fully understand where each asset is and how many revenue hours are being generated and why other assets are not.


CSIAero is an On-Demand Service* application that is accessed and simply subscribed to through a web browser without the need for any special hardware or software. *(SaaS – Software as a Service)













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