AgileCSI SaaS Advanced Data and Support Services Overview

1.    Since early 2006 Zero Downtime of Unscheduled Maintenance
2.    External service which tests the application every 5 minutes and if down will then phone our support people. Also when the application has recovered it will call the support people to confirm that the application is operational
3.    Unlimited Concurrent Users
4.    99.997% Guaranteed Server Uptime
5.    RAID drives - Hot Swappable
6.    Scheduled maintenance is coordinated with Customer on 24 hours notice

Server Data Centers
1.    On Military power grid with Diesel generator backup in Nuclear blast bunker in Nevada USA
2.    Data Center is fingerprint access secure

1.    Base Configuration 2 clients per server
2.    Dedicated Servers and Firewalls available
3.    Base support for client regular working hours – 24 X7 support optional

Security and Audit
1.    There is no access through any external port. Actual uploaded data is stored outside of any external open port (i.e. http port 80 zone) except for VPN.
2.    Three separate server configurations:

  • Application server
  • Data Server
  • To get to the data server requires VPN thru double encryption 
  • Session server for Application Server handling

3.    Cisco Firewall (double password, double encryption)
4.    VPN  -we can filter specific IP’s – double password and double encryption – like the banking system.
5.    Administrative and User Read / Write privileges
6.    Audit Trail Logs

Backups and Data
1.    We do not share or publish data – all the data is owned by client
2.    Daily backups under our own internal format at two independent Data Centers only available thru VPN.
3.    Optionally if required we will provide off site secure backups for client as Push or Pull technology (i.e. flat file) by your requirements.

1.    .Net 3.5
2.    SQL 2008

Transaction and Integration with client systems
1.    Transactional passing of Data from internal systems at client is done using secure web services. i.e. XML/SOAP transactions - Allowing for internal client systems to draw or push data. (optional)

1.    OC3 – Direct Internet Gateway Connection
2.    Two Terabytes of Bandwidth monthly

Minimal User Hardware Requirements
1.    Intel Pentium 4 with 1 gb ram / 250 mb display

Minimal User Software Requirements
1.   Windows XP
2.   Internet Explorer 6.0 and above

Minimum User Network Requirements
1.   50 kb/s download speed
2.   50 kb/s upload speed




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